Return to the Broker Junction Home Page. Search the Listings for all Properties: Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Offices and Vacant Land. Search the Listings to Identify and Contact Brokers based on a wide range of criteria. A comprehensive and searchable listing of Service Providers to the C and I Broker Community A comprehensive guide to all the functions that this site offers. If you are a Commercial/Industrial Broker you can provide your details here and join the Broker Junction community

Broker Junction provides the perfect forum for the successful interaction between broker, client and service provider. Whether it is broker to broker, client to broker or broker to service provider   -   we provide the cogs of performance.

Properties offered can be sourced geographically or by price   -   be it land, offices, factories, developments, letting and rentals, for sale or for auction   -   Broker Junction has it all covered!

Broker Junction provides the commercial and industrial property broker with access to the networked C & I property sales community. These tools enable you to find buyers and tenants and also to locate suitable stock and properties. Clients can find you, the broker, and you can easily communicate with large numbers of selected brokers. Currently, over 2 000 brokers are registered.

All this is offered at NO COST TO BROKERS !

As a provider of exclusive services, you can promote your company to the broker community and your details can be easily found by visitors to the website.

Where else can you so efficiently reach a local, national and international pool of prospective clients and brokers on a 24/7 basis? We will put unlimited boards around the world for you, the broker, at zero cost. Can you afford not to join?

Welcome to the team.   Register on-line now, or call us on :  031 563-4587


Broker Junction is an Internet based broker networking system for listing of non-residential property for local, national and international exposure and opportunities. It provides a direct link to a pool of brokers and potential buyers and landlords which encompasses all aspects of the commercial / industrial markets including sales, letting and auctions. Broker Junction also lists exclusive service providers, with easy access for both broker and client.


Each registered broker or service provider is given a unique access code which enables direct updating of the information displayed on the website. Standard input screens make it quick and easy to fill in relevant details for a company and/or personal profile and multiple properties. As soon as the information is captured, it is incorporated into the website listings and is available for other brokers and website visitors to view.

Brokers can locate properties or service providers for their clients and use the contact details provided to negotiate a deal or refer their clients.


  • Brokers would contact you looking for suitable properties or asking for marketing assistance.
  • Property owners would contact you to offer stock for sale or rental or would be requesting you to find suitable properies for purchase or tenancy.
  • You, of course, can also use these listings to identify and contact brokers to assist you in finding properties or buyer/tenants. Broker Junction makes it very easy to quickly identify the primary C&I brokers in specific areas.

  • Each broker has full control over their own personal or company profile and the listing of their properties
  • Simple, fast, all encompassing search vehicle
  • Access available 24 hrs a day
  • Easy registration and updating facilities for profiles, property details and photos
  • Information entered on the website is protected and cannot be changed by others
  • Support centre for training and assistance on all facilities and queries
  • Support consultant available for on site assistance if needed
  • Regular feedback on new listings and number of visitors accessing broker details
  • An exclusive service directory to assist both broker and client in the conducting of a successful transaction and the maintenance and preparation of the property assets
  • We can link to the broker's and service provider's own websites from Broker Junction.
      This boosts Google relevance and also drives extra traffic to your own website.
  • Monitoring and feedback on all page views and website clickthroughs

  • Access a comprehensive list of all available properties
  • Reach a national market of potential clients
  • Increase exposure and opportunities through networking with others
  • Offer a more professional service to your clients and close more deals by having access to many more properties than just those on your own books
  • Put out a million boards for no cost
  • Earn intro commissions and/or negotiate commission splits
  • Receive newsletters and updates on market trends

Leads are generated by searches which usually present a list of results. The site visitor, in the absence if other criteria, will usually work down the list from top to bottom. So it stands to reason that the closer to the top of list you are, the more leads you will receive.

Almost all lists are presented in the order of Premium Broker before ordinary broker, except for those that are requested in strict alphabetical sequence or where relevance requires ordered placement. Within those two groupings of Premium and ordinary brokers, the results are displayed in descending order of priority points.

To get the maximum top position in either group of brokers, you need to provide profile info, upload a logo and photo, and load some current properties.

Points are awarded as follows:
Profile Info 25 points       Information describing your brokerage has been provided.
Broker Logo 15 points The brokerage logo has been uploaded.
Broker Photo 10 points A photograph of yourself has been uploaded.
Property Listing 3 pts each 3 Points for each property that has been uploaded in the last month.  
(a maximum 10 points allowed)
Property Listing 2 pts each 2 Points for each property that has been uploaded in the second to last month.   ie. 30 to 60 days back.  
(a maximum 10 points allowed)
Property Listing 1 pt each 1 Point for each property that has been uploaded in the third to last month.   ie. 60 to 90 days back.  
(a maximum 10 points allowed)

If you have uploaded a photograph of yourself, then your pic will be presented on the front page in a random order. No pic, then we have nothing to display. So it makes great sense to upload your photo as this also earns you a permanent base of an extra 10 priority points for your ranking in search results listings.


Properties photos are displayed on a random basis. If photos (at least one) have been uploaded for a property, then that property will display automatically from time to time. The photo selected is from position one of the available three photos per property,



The Exclusive Services are profiled on all pages. The home page displays national advertisers while the inner pages are regional. A national advertiser also appears randomly on the regional pages. The regional areas have been demarcated through both geographical and trade volumes and are generally larger than the broker areas.

We display our inner page (non-homepage) ads on a geo-targeted basis. So a visitor from the Western Cape would see local service ads and not Gauteng service providers. A number of techniques are used to identify and record a visitor's location for the geo-targeting.

Every area will have its own specific services, but this does not restrict a single service applying to be placed in any number of areas. An absolute given for the Exclusive Services is that only one type of similar service will be accommodated in each area.

Therefore, we may only have one conveyancing attorney in the Central Durban area, however there is nothing to stop the company registering in any number of other areas. Provided of course that there is not another conveyancing attorney registered.

The monthly fee per regional area ranges from R95 to R285 per month and discounted rates apply for multiple areas and categories. Rates for national (front page) positioning are available on application.

The client will need to provide a profile page on the company, and we recommend that it is made user friendly and attractive to enquiring visitors. Our staff assist with the creation of this page which can be quite comprehensive and often resembles a mini website. As with the broker, the service client will be give an access code which allows user access to change the profile page at any time.

We impress on our brokers that we need to support our service providers, and vice versa. Broker Junction is committed to encouraging this interaction and will be actively promoting the relationships.

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