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    • National (front page) banner ads display to all visitors
    • Regional (inside page) banner ads display by region to regional visitors
    • Geo-targeting is used to identify visitor location
    • A mini website page is created for each service provider
    • The service provider has exclusivity for the selected area(s)
    • Variable rates and discounts for different areas and service category combinations
    • Reporting on page views and website click-throughs
The Exclusive Services are profiled on all pages. The home page displays national advertisers while the inner pages are regional. A national advertiser also appears randomly on the regional pages. The regional areas have been demarcated through both geographical and trade volumes and are generally larger than the broker areas.

We display our inner page (non-homepage) ads on a geo-targeted basis. So a visitor from the Western Cape would see local service ads and not Gauteng service providers. A number of techniques are used to identify and record a visitor's location for the geo-targeting.

Every area will have its own specific services, but this does not restrict a single service applying to be placed in any number of areas. An absolute given for the Exclusive Services is that only one type of similar service will be accommodated in each area.

Therefore, we may only have one conveyancing attorney in the Central Durban area, however there is nothing to stop the company registering in any number of other areas. Provided of course that there is not another conveyancing attorney registered.

The monthly fee per regional area ranges from R95 to R285 per month and discounted rates apply for multiple areas and categories. Rates for national (front page) positioning are available on application.

The client will need to provide a profile page on the company, and we recommend that it is made user friendly and attractive to enquiring visitors. Our staff assist with the creation of this page which can be quite comprehensive and often resembles a mini website. As with the broker, the service client will be give an access code which allows user access to change the profile page at any time.

We impress on our brokers that we need to support our service providers, and vice versa. Broker Junction is committed to encouraging this interaction and will be actively promoting the relationships.

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