The Service

Broker Junction offers a service to brokers and visitors seeking suitable properties whereby we will bulk mail approved messages to brokers selected by geographic areas.

The mails are HTML formatted and the cost includes us preparing the graphic mail setup with your supplied images.

For example, you may be a broker with a client who is looking for a specific property in the Kempton Park or East Rand areas. We have over 300 brokers who operate in those areas and a customised mail can be sent to each of those brokers on your behalf.

The mail, while clearly Broker Brunction identified, will be individually addressed to the member broker. We also provide you with contact reports which can be used as worksheets for your follow up purposes.

The email content needs to meet certain criteria as detailed below.

    Requirements for Message Approval    

  • The email content needs to contain information or a request that would generally be welcomed by all brokers.
  • The basic test is to ask whether almost every broker receiving this message would welcome the content and would not consider it to be unsolicted spam.
  • Attachments can be accommodated if relevant.
  • Your own branding and/or imagery can be used if you choose HTML (graphic) format. Simple pure-text mails can also be generated.
  • Reply-To addresses are generally set to a address to comply with SPF requirements and ensure high deliverability results. Your content woud need to provide all contact details for the recipients.
  • A lower rate can be negotiated for text-only content where our layout and preparation costs are minimised.
    The Costs    
  Number of
Standard Cost
per Mailing
Premier Broker
Cost per Mailing
 Up to 100R 1 275R 650
 101 to 200R 1 800R 900
 201 to 300R 2 175R 1 100
 301 to 500R 2 625R 1 300
 501 to 1 000R 3 225R 1 600
 1 001 to 1 500R 3 600R 1 800
 Over 1 500- enquire -- enquire -

You can determine the number of brokers that would receive your mail by following these steps.....
    >     Brokers
    >>     Operation Area (multiple areas)
    >>>     Tick the Area checkboxes for your targeted brokers

        Here are Detailed Instructions for selecting brokers from multiple areas.

If you choose the City/Town search then the Area in which that word is listed will be returned. "Umhlanga" would return some 250 brokers in the "Durban Northwards" area which would be Durban North through to the Tugela River. But "Umhlanga" in the keyword box returns a much more focussed 40 results. You do undershoot with this selection in that not all brokers in the area would have mentioned "Umhlanga" in their profile, location or area description. Specific brokers can be excluded by listing their broker codes.

Some firms cover one area from a remote office and allocate leads internally. So a Johannesburg based operation can have a broker operating in the Umhlanga area.

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